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Our Latest Work

Welcome to Making A Difference – We are here to help individuals, schools, communities, states and national organizations that are serious about creating a strong start for children and connecting those efforts to quality education K-3 and beyond.

In addition to writing a book that provides the essential steps to implementing a Pre-K to 3rd grade system in your community, we are available to answer questions and help you through this process. 

Our Making A Difference Early Literacy Tool Kits are finished and ready to go!  Longview School District's Broadway Early Learning Center and their LEEP Group are showing fantastic results.  Their scores on the Get It, Got It, Go! are higher than ever.  Congratulations  Longview!

Examples of How We Can Help:

  • Gathering your community preschools together to focus on building a strong start for children
  • Connecting your preschool and kindergarten to Third grade efforts
  • Curriculum, assessment, and alignment PreK-3rd grade
  • Creating an assessment loop from preschool to Kindergarten and beyond
  • Aligning and reallocating of resources (Title I to Head Start)
  • Training Principals, Early Learning Directors, and others charged with this challenge

You are not alone, we are here to help as many as possible to do this important work of building a strong P-3 system that meets the unique needs of the children and students in your community.

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